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Thank you for visiting and for your interest in our range of medical self-tests. 

As the market leader for medical self-tests in Europe, we work with more than 600 partners and are looking forward to working with you and your team.

Our partners come from a wide range of backgrounds and include pharmacies, wholesale retailers, dieticians, nutritionists, naturopaths, personal trainers, gym owners, success coaches, professional athletes, social media influencers, online marketing specialists and many more.

Do your customers want to improve their health and fitness, recover faster or sleep better? Give your customers the opportunity to look inside their body to find out what they need.

Cerascreen provides you with everything you need to give your customers individual recommendations: for more health, optimal regeneration and structured training. Cerascreen has developed medical self-tests that quickly and easily show how diet and lifestyle affect the body and what specific needs your customers have.

The tests are easy and quick to execute. They can be done at home, in the office or in the gym. The sample is analysed in a certified human diagnostics laboratory. After a few days, you will receive an extensive evaluation as well as individual recommendations in the "my cerascreen" portal.

Cerascreen offers a wide range of tests: from vitamin and nutrient or hormone tests to allergy and food intolerance tests as well as the world's most unique protein test. Existing symptoms can be explained and vitamin, mineral as well as hormone levels can be controlled with the help of blood, saliva, breathing gas and urine tests.

Why work with cerascreen?

  •   Quantified progress thanks to personalised cerascreen diagnostics
  •   Individual human diagnostics is the future of personalised customer service in the areas of personal training, nutritional counselling as well as naturopathy
  •   Laboratory parameters for structured recommendations of diet and supplement plans as well as lifestyle changes
  •   Cerascreen Affiliate Program (e-mailing, newsletter, social media, homepage with links, online shop, etc.)
  •   Cerascreen diagnostics enables cross-selling and promotion of high quality supplements
  •   A strong partner by your side: Cerascreen - nutrition and diagnostics experts, online marketing experts
  •   Lectures and training courses for business customers and partners
  •   Local support at events (workshops, seminars, competitions)
  •   Sponsorship of professionals and ambitious athletes
  •   Special buy and retail conditions for all cerascreen tests

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